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St. Benedict at Auburndale



Sondra Morris, principal  of St. Benedict at Auburndale


When St. Benedict at Auburndale was presented with a pandemic and forced to leave their school building, their existing tech team wasn’t prepared for a virtual rollout in March of 2020. 


With hundreds of high school students plus a slew of faculty and staff, the Cordova campus also regularly needed to upgrade their devices on a massive scale, switching hundreds of devices at a time, collecting the old options, and monitoring the transition.


Morris said as a Catholic school, she wanted to stretch her dollars as far as they could go while still getting exemplary technical knowledge and work ethic.


Within a month of the pandemic descending on Memphis, MemFi was in the building and on the job, assisting in a virtual learning rollout and establishing new practices in the school.


Originally tasked with taking over the existing program, MemFi also began managing devices and overseeing any technical support needs in the building or for the students, teachers, and parents attempting virtual learning from home. 


MemFi now staffs a full-time help desk, both in-person for when people are in the building and online with virtual tickets day and night. Founder Aaron Lamey was officially named SBA’s Director of Technology, and two of his staffers — Kendrick Nelson and Zach Dabbous — are always working the help desk.


Morris said the MemFi team “goes above and beyond what is necessary to make things work” for their school. There’s always at least one team member in the building, and Kendrick is often manning the help desk and dealing with a constant flow of tickets for malfunctioning and broken devices from students, teachers, and administrators. And if that’s not enough man power for the job? There’s always more team members waiting in the wings to assist.


Aaron and the team are planning to help with a full student device refresh this summer, and Morris said they’ve been an integral part of making that happen with input gathering and recommendations for the private school.


“There's a comfort level that we know things are being run correctly,” Morris said about the new additions to her campus. “Oftentimes, teachers may be afraid to approach a technology person because they don't want to feel stupid, but that doesn't happen with MemFi. They're not condescending. They're able to give us what we want, and make it work behind the scenes.”


“I would recommend MemFi because of the total package, and not only for the cost for the service provided,” she said. “When it comes to a school, dealing with students, teachers, and administrators, it takes a special company to be able to provide the quality service at the appropriate level.”


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