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Compass Community Schools

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Elizabeth Woodcock, Compass Community Schools Chief Operating Officer


Compass Community Schools opened with one lone technology department employee. They were in charge of the system’s break/fix program, infrastructure coordination with vendors, and all technical support for faculty and students.


Elizabeth Woodcock has been in education for about 15 years and was the third employee hired at the new Memphis charter school. She’s seen the shift in technology across education, and has watched the growth of their 6 schools in just a few years.


As the school began expanding their system in their first full year, they quickly realized they needed a more knowledgeable team with extra hands on deck. Elizabeth said she was looking for a true team member, someone who was invested in the school’s success, engaged with the faculty, and able to fulfill quick turn-around times.


MemFi’s Aaron Lamey started consulting with the schools for a networking project in October of 2019. He quickly saw many areas of improvement for the school to address and took over the day-to-day IT program in January of 2020.


With the help of team member Zach Dabbous, MemFi has rapidly increased the response time and worked out many of the kinks in the new charter school’s networking, systems, and break/fix program. Now, they’re a one-stop-shop for all the school sites and an integral part of the operation.


“I can't give a glowing enough review to Aaron. He stepped into a really difficult situation for us and knocked it out of the park — he's just been fantastic to work with,” Elizabeth said. “We were one of his first clients. We’ve been a proving ground for him, but he's been able to see what some of the kinks are and give us thoughtful suggestions about how we can better facilitate the whole process. He's looking to not just grow his own business, but also build our school community, too.”


“They have very quickly become just as much a part of our family as anybody else. We think of them as part of our team, because they are. We couldn't operate without them in person with us.”


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